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Natural health seekers will eventually be introduced to Heal All Tea through one of its variety of names, such as All-Heal, or the “cure anything” tea. But what exactly is it? Typically, “Heal All” is in reference to Prunella vulgaris, a low-growing herb found in temperate areas and used as a sort of ancient version of aspirin or Advil—in other words an herb that can potentially treat a huge variety of maladies regardless of their type. Today, Prunella vulgaris is still being implemented despite the advancements of modern medicine. In fact, with the addition of scientific research, the “Heal All” herb is perhaps even more popular than ever, and is supported by medical journals as a great way to remedy various ailments.

One of the most well known aspects of Heal All Tea is both its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Many people buy Prunella vulgaris products to immediately treat the symptoms of colds and flu, and traditionally it has been applied topically to wounds to help prevent bacterial infection. Modern studies have shown that the herb indeed possesses certain antiviral abilities that lend credence to the traditional usage of the plant to combat fevers and common cold symptoms, and these antiviral properties may be more potent than many have previously thought. Research out of China is suggesting the tea impacts the viral count of HIV patients, and may also treat different types of herpes. These studies were published in the Asia Journal of Traditional Medicines.

Further studies have linked Heal All Tea to the prevention of hypoglycemic conditions and assistance in diabetic treatment. The way that it impacts blood sugar levels may also have an effect on mood. Often, unbalanced sugar levels create feelings that range from mood swings to sudden drops in energy levels, and Prunella vulgaris may help regulate these levels—providing renewed energy and a calming sensation. These benefits are traditionally reported in ancient medicine, as the tea was often prescribed to create a general sense of well-being. Modern science now supports the reasons behind this.

Heal All Tea also contains various immune stimulating polysaccharides. While this is actually beneficial for most people, those with autoimmune disorders may want to consult with a doctor before consuming Prunella vulgaris, as it could potentially agitate such conditions. However, the variety of healthy benefits of Heal All far surpasses these potential drawbacks, and the tea can be used for purposes that range from combating viral infection, to building the immune system, assisting blood sugar levels, and even for certain colonic cleansing treatments. For more information, speak to a natural health expert about how to begin implementing Heal All into your diet.

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