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Heal All Tea Benefits - Benefits of Prunella Vulgaris

“Heal All” is a nick-name given to a plant that is common across the world—Prunella vulgaris. As far as herbal remedies are concerned, there are few herbs more ancient in their medicinal uses. Most ancient cultures from every continent on Earth at some point discovered the herbal benefits of Prunella vulgaris to treat a huge variety of ailments, ranging from common colds and fevers, to flesh wounds that are treatable through the topical application of the herb and can reduce the risk of infection. Today, Heal All is often consumed in a tea that is commonly found in organic grocery stores, and is advocated by natural health experts as an excellent supplement and treatment for various conditions due its numerous health benefits.

Traditionally, Heal All tea was prescribed for illnesses such as colds and flu, even before cultures understood what a viral infection was. Today, research by the "Asia Journal of Traditional Medicines" has shown that Prunella vulgaris actually does combat viral infections. In fact, increasing research has shown the tea has a positive impact on HIV patients, and can also be used to help fight the herpes virus and other prolonged viral infections. Heal All tea benefits the immune system while also directly adding certain antiviral components into the body that directly attack viral invaders.

Other Heal All tea benefits include the suppression of allergies. Some users who consume Heal All tea have reported a decrease in allergic symptoms, likely related to the anti-inflammatory effects of the herb. Anti-inflammatory treatments are also usable for many other conditions, and could be implemented to help relieve arthritis or combat other diseases that take advantage of inflamed organs or joints. Although more study is still needed to conclusively determine these health benefits, and users should approach Prunella vulgaris with a level of healthy skepticism, as well as patience as it may take continual usage of tea as part of a dietary plan to feel results.

Finally, Heal All tea benefits also include a direct impact on hyperglycemic conditions. Further studies have shown that the herb helps to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels, assisting with the health of diabetic patients, and potentially alleviating mood swings associated with sugar levels. The herb may also be implemented as part of a natural detoxification process, utilizing its immune system building properties and anti-inflammatory agents to promote internal health. In fact, it's become a common ingredient in certain colonic cleansing treatments. There is information readily available online, including through Home Colonic, about implementing such herbs into an at-home detoxification regiment.

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